#151 - Modern Gnosticism & The Parasite Cleanse w/ Sol Luckman

#151 - Modern Gnosticism & The Parasite Cleanse w/ Sol Luckman

August 9, 2022

Sol Luckman is a pioneering visual artist, award-winning novelist and humorist, and bestselling author of nonfiction books on health, spirituality, and consciousness. 

As an accomplished ink and acrylic painter Sol offers a glimpse of this universe of intelligent energy in his artwork, as objects condition space with their essence, and vice versa, and the outside conflates with the inside because All Is One.

Sol's international bestsellers span fiction with Snooze & Cali The Destroyer, nonfiction Conscious Healing, Potentiate Your DNA, and

humor/satire The Angel's Dictionary, Musings From A Small Island.

In his bold, colorful compositions, three of which have been featured on the covers of Itzhak Beery's The Gift of Shamanism, Shamanic Transformations & Shamanic Healing, Sol is committed to exploring and depicting energy. 

This podcast will leave no stone unturned as Sol's intrepid explorations into fake science, the present global dystopia and the very nature of Consciousness are congruent with the philosophical leanings of your Alfacast hosts.

Why are some vulnerable to the mind parasites, while many of us laugh them off, are accepted historical accounts the biggest fables of all, and what constitutes the true fabric of our Realm? Tune in and join the conversation!

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#150 - Water, The Universal Seed w/ Andrew Kaufman MD

#150 - Water, The Universal Seed w/ Andrew Kaufman MD

August 2, 2022

On this Alfacast we explore the curious and seemingly magical properties of the most abundant element within our ecosystem & personal biology.

Master investigator, Andrew Kaufman MD joins us to share his personal insights based on his ongoing research into the nature of water including its importance in the field of Natural Medicine.

Long revered by the  alchemists of old as the seed of life, this ubiquitous substance continues to confound the scientific community for its knack of ignoring all manner of conventional norm.

We'll cover the many aspects of water investigation including the so-called Fourth Phase of Water, Primary Water & Structured Water.

We're especially excited to hear about Andrew's recent break through discoveries to combat the chronic dehydration syndrome now affecting the health of so many, its implications on cell physiology and his detoxification protocols. 

For those not already familiar with the renown Andrew Kaufman MD he has been a courageous voice 
shedding a different light on the alleged "pandemic" through his tireless efforts, including the production of Terrain parts I & II.

Andrew completed psychiatric training at Duke University Medical Center after graduating from the Medical University of South Carolina, while earning a B.S. from M.I.T. in Molecular Biology. 

Andrew believes that the innate wisdom of your body can heal itself from almost any insult. 

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#149 - Tuning The Biofield w/ Eileen McKusick

#149 - Tuning The Biofield w/ Eileen McKusick

July 27, 2022

Alfacast endeavors to present an eclectic array of interview guests and subject matter reflective of the Alfa Vedic team's collective experience and expertise. Integrative medicine, biodynamic agriculture, sustainable economics and the universal intelligence that sustains all of the above has been our domain.

On this Alfacast we are thrilled to have what will assuredly be an enlightening conversation with Eileen McKusick, MA., a researcher, award-winning author, and the founder of Biofield Tuning, a groundbreaking sound-therapy modality.

Having spent over 20 years researching the electromagnetic field that surrounds the human body (the “biofield”), she has meticulously mapped it, revealing the influence of magnetic fields on our physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Eileen has trained thousands of healers, clinicians, and practitioners to utilize Biofield Tuning in their healing practices.

She’s discovered that the human biofield contains a very specific anatomy and physiology, and that it can be successfully modulated with the tone of a simple medical tuning fork to produce consistent and useful therapeutic outcomes.

A dynamic and inspiring speaker, she presents internationally on biofield science, therapeutic sound, consciousness, electricity and plasma, and human health and potential. She has presented at the Electric Universe Conference, UBUNTU Fest, the Global Sound Healing Conference, and many more professional gatherings.

Based on her master’s thesis, Exploring the Effects of Audible Sound on the Human Body and Its Biofield, Eileen’s book, Tuning the Human Biofield, won the Nautilus award and received widespread acclaim. She is currently working on her second book, which details the new paradigm of electro-sonic cosmology.

Eileen is the founder of the Biofield Tuning Institute, which is partnering with the Consciousness and Healing Initiative (CHI) and the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS) to apply the scientific method to the Biofield Anatomy Hypothesis. The Biofield Tuning Institute is also spearheading the outreach program Tuners Without Borders, which seeks to bring Biofield Tuning to at-risk populations around the world.

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#148 - Crushing The Corporate Narrative Through Art w/ Benny Wills & Jason Herrick

#148 - Crushing The Corporate Narrative Through Art w/ Benny Wills & Jason Herrick

July 20, 2022

Benny Wills, actor, poet and communicator extraordinaire returns to Alfacast with a special guest of his own.  Jason is a graduate of Benny's Parrhesia, who heard about this empowering system after hearing Benny's interview with Alfa Vedic last summer.

As a result Jason is now, well ... crushing it!  Simply put, Parrhesia is freedom of speech, the true freedom of speech, which comes when one speaks fluidly from the heart with emotions in check to unlock opportunities that many have yet to experience.

Benny & Jason will share how creativity & Parrhesia communication techniques can be a vital and healing bridge in our polarized & ultra-opinionated world.  Most important, these skills can effectively neutralize the corporate narrative where even facts prove ineffective against the mass-hypnosis.

For those that missed our last Alfacast episode with Benny, he is an acclaimed poet, emcee, actor, teacher and coach, and has appeared on stages and television sets around the world. He is also the co-creator of the YouTube comedy channel JoyCamp. 

Benny feels strongly that the world needs YOUR voice.  His Parrhesia training was created to this aim, and has taken the meaning of "free speech" to new dimensions.  Communication is the key to success, and Benny's immersive, hands-on training has empowered many who have unlocked their voice and freed their speech through this brilliant methodology.

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#147 - Living In The Magical Land w/ Barre Lando & Mike Winner

#147 - Living In The Magical Land w/ Barre Lando & Mike Winner

July 5, 2022

Dr. Lando & Mike Winner get personal on this episode with a behind-the-scenes look at our off-grid farm & the making of the Alfa Vedic documentary The Magical Land.
Off-grid living, permaculture, self-doctoring & a trending desire to return to our free-range roots are today's hot topics.  There is a growing awareness that our very survival and right to thrive are at stake in light of those who desperately seek to subjugate the masses.

Alfa Vedic is a multi-generational evolution with roots in the pioneering circles of alternative medicine, homesteading and those who simply sought uncompromising freedom.

On today's episode we'll share insights we've gained along the way, and what you might expect if you choose the path to sovereignty, whether off-grid or in an urban environment. 

We'll take you behind-the-scenes in the filming of The Magical Land, an Alfa Vedic documentary Directed by Bryden Lando in conjunction with the Ickonics film crew from Great Britain.

Expect the conversation to touch areas that will be the subject of on-line offerings on our soon-to-be-launched private membership site as well as on-site workshops. Whether you are a practitioner of the healing arts, actively farming or engaged in conscious parenting, perceptive skills must be retrained to reveal Nature's hidden-in-plain-sight secrets. The AV educational platform will focus on the repeating patterns underlying the 3 Kingdoms of creation for practical application with the expectation of positive results!

The Alfa Vedic permaculture farm is a "Farm to Farmacy" operation from the cultivation of medicinal herbs and biodynamic foods, processing in our Spagyrics Alchemy lab, and the production of teas & advanced herbal-nutrient formulations to complete the self-sufficiency loop via conscious commerce. 

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#146 - Upping Our Security Game For The Times Ahead w/ Justin Frandson

#146 - Upping Our Security Game For The Times Ahead w/ Justin Frandson

June 28, 2022

Special guest Justin Frandson, owner/creator of EMF Rocks returns to Alfacast to share critical information we all need to protect ourselves from government intrusion through cyber encroachment.

Justin's years of EMF research revealed the breath-taking amount  of on-line security breaches that most are unaware or simply dismiss as unimportant.  This growing trend of massive fraud and overt theft targets easy marks, but sooner or later most of us have suffered the effects.  Government & corporate interests, now one and the same, collude against the people they allege to serve.  

Our conversation topics and ideas for improved security will include on-line banking, Virtual Private Network
(VPN), the use of faraday bags for phones & computers, tips for Password protection, Bank Server Proxies, burner SIM cards, encrypted video conferencing and much moreWe'll conduct our discussion within a revealing context of the deeper motives of those intrusive forces that provoke global destabilization.  The engineered vulnerability to Cyber assault is a means to that end.

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#145 - Decoding The Divine Realm w/ Marty Leeds

#145 - Decoding The Divine Realm w/ Marty Leeds

June 20, 2022

Marty Leeds returns to Alfacast, and he always brings it.  Marty is a genuine seeker of truth, a brilliant teacher of the mysteries and a preacher of the heart.

In our last interview with Marty we traversed through a diversity of subject matter from Gnostic Christianity, to the mathematics, symbolism, astrology, and mysticism encoded within the Bible.

Marty's seminal works, Pi - The Great Work, Pi & The English Language, and The Peacock's Tales - The Alchemical Writings of Claudia Pavonis were inspiring explorations of sacred number, geometry and the mathematics that rule our Universe, but ultimately as a study of oneself.

On this episode we'll go deep into his latest work Lord Jesus Christ, a textbook to the decoded truths in the Holy Bible. 

We'll contrast Hermeticism with Gnosticism and further discuss banned books of the Bible, why the bible is not a history book, the bible/Kabbalah overlap and the absolute relevance to current global events.

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#144 - Red Pill Rising w/ Tom Althouse

#144 - Red Pill Rising w/ Tom Althouse

June 15, 2022

On this episode of Alfacast, we go further into the journey of Thomas Park Althouse who was victimized by the dark forces behind the Hollywood movie industry.  He was a young writer in his 30's when he came up with a visionary movie idea. He knew right at that moment it was going to be called THE IMMORTALS. What he didn't know is that it would soon be stolen to become The Matrix movie franchise. 

In our first interview Tom shared his first person account of how Hollywood steals intellectual property for their own corporate agenda, but it goes much deeper!  His ordeal traverses an interconnected web of corporations, government agents, and occulted organizations that collude to control art & take any measure to silence those that would reveal the sordid truth.

He discussed how the Wachowskis were witless tools, and the common Hollywood practice of using talentless proxies to cover their tracks.  Tom laid out how his legal challenge was sabotaged from the very beginning, and his efforts to seek justice in the court of public opinion.

In this sequel Alfacast, Tom reveals events and inspirations leading to the writing of his screenplay masterpiece purloined by countless other movies, and shares the heartbreak of how family members and loved ones were  turned against him.

Tom will elaborate on the intentions and full story conveyed through his original screenplay for greater substantiation that his work was indeed used to create the Matrix Series, including the most recent Matrix 4.  

Finally we will learn about his upcoming documentary film release, and plans for finally making the feature film, Immortals as it was originally written by Tom himself.

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#143 - Are We In A False Reality Simulacrum? w/ Jason Breshears

#143 - Are We In A False Reality Simulacrum? w/ Jason Breshears

June 5, 2022

We were really looking forward to this one!  We discuss the Pre-Flood World, and how it foreshadows coming events, the Zodiac as an Apocalypse Decoder and prophetic information from ancient texts ... and that's just for starters!

Jason Breshears from brings his extraordinary research on the role of Artificial Intelligence and the history of the human race trapped in a False Reality Simulacrum.  

"We are more than we suppose ourselves to be.  Fantastically powerful, able to escape dungeon programming, recognize negative default programming and create our own reality."  

Jason's information is for those unafraid of the dark, who want the truth undiluted and direct.  

The ancient past, behind-the-scenes happenings throughout all time periods, censored histories, the academic cover-ups, real facts about race, religion, subversive societies and even psi-based predictive systems of analysis by which future events can be known beforehand are uncovered and explained. 

Breshears' research goes deep to penetrate through the layers of deception to unveil new concepts and discoveries about the ancient world, its people, beliefs, civilizations and the catastrophes that ended them.

The life events that fueled Jason's passion for the truth to stay the course on this arduous path is equally remarkable.  He is a stone mason by trade and owner of Paradise Rock Gardens where his expertise here has allowed him to appreciate the impossibilities we find in the archeological record.

Jason believes that we are existing in two different realities simultaneously; the collective which is scripted and includes events planned and executed beyond human ability to alter; and the personal, where we can individually be immune from and separate from anything going on around us.  

Join us on this fascinating journey, which will most certainly require sequel episodes.

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#142 - To Bee or Not To Bee w/ Derek Condit

#142 - To Bee or Not To Bee w/ Derek Condit

June 1, 2022

Here at Alfa Vedic Gardens we have enjoyed a long and rewarding experience as bee keepers.  The Doc and his wife have co-authored articles and conducted classes on the critical role of the many varieties of pollinators in their parallel journey with mankind.  

On this episode, Derek Condit, Bee intuitive and expert, takes us deep into the hive mind to understand the mystical workings of the Queen of all pollinators.

Owner of Mystical Wares, Energy Worker & Intuitive, Derek was born in Inglewood, California and joined the U.S. Army as an M1A1 Abrams tank crewman.

After serving nearly 4 years, most of which he was stationed in Mannheim, Germany, he honorably discharged to pursue a career as a Commercial Deep Sea Diver in the Gulf of Mexico.

Beginning in the Spring of 2016, Derek began his apiary of
Shungite Beehives. Using his knowledge of ‘treatment-free’ beekeeping combined with the mineral Shungite, 

Expect our conversation to traverse through the properties of Shungite and Orgonite as an invaluable ally to bee & bee-keeper alike to the other-worldly origins of bees. 

If you're a naturalist, agriculturist, bee-keeper or just keen the metaphysical realm you won't be disappointed!  

Our last episode didn't escape the all-seeing eye of YT censorship, so this week will see if they live up to their increasing reputation as the ultimate buzz-kill.

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