#117 - Reclaiming The Natural Birthing Process w/ Eyla Cuenca

November 18, 2021

Imagine our World if all incoming Lifestreams experienced the birthing process free of fear and medical interventions counter-intuitive to the knowledge lying deep within each woman.  No other Life event rivals the significance of our entry into this realm, nor has the lasting impact through the duration of a lifetime.

Eyla Cuenca has lived and traveled throughout the United States and several countries, accumulating knowledge and expertise in her field that spans over a decade.

Her work strives to connect women, parents, and children through the scope of conception, birth and parenting.  As a Birth Guide, she draws on a blend of ancient traditions and evidence based information to bring custom tailored support to every individual no matter where they are in their process.

As a teacher, birth guide, and visual storyteller Eyla, offers Natural Birth classes, Prenatal and Postpartum Guidance Consultations, Reiki Energy healing, Documentary Birth Photography and highly individualized Birth Doula Support. She provides support in person and online so that anyone anywhere in the world has the opportunity for empowered birth education and guidance.

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