#123 - The Disease Deception - Bioterrain 3.0 w/ Dr. Barre Lando & Mike Winner

January 10, 2022

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On this special in-house discussion we go well beyond the germ theory debate to dissect the entire biological-energy continuum of the human Bioterrain.  The prevailing climate of contagion-fear has placed the Germ Theory vs Bioterrain debate center stage.  Unfortunately, the discussion has not evolved beyond a myopic fixation on our microbial eco-partners.

Nature does not create pathogens or disease.

On this episode we dissect Bioterrain concepts from on-the-ground biology to the cellular-ether interface to once and for all put the Disease Deception to rest. This comprehensive overview will draw on germ theory origins, the re-emerging alchemical sciences, the logical fallacies of scientism, etherian physics and Dr. Lando's 40 years of clinical experience as a Bioterrain Physician.

In future episodes we'll break each component down further, but this overview serves as a necessary preface.  Our times demand a great awareness to pierce the veils of deception, and face our responsibility to future generations.  We are in an information war, and the truth will indeed set us free!

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The Event is here!  Join us as we all come together to decide where we all go from here...

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