#131 - The Time Is NOW w/ David Icke

March 11, 2022

A man requiring no introduction amongst the truth-seeking community, the former footballer & sports broadcaster has written over 20 books since the mid-1990s, and spoken in more than 25 countries.

As true with most authentic thinkers, those governed by convention took great exception with the subject matter conveyed through David's ground-breaking books and well-received public appearances as a gifted and entertaining orator.  
"How long are we going to take this sh#t?  Just asking ... "

Now vindicated by history, David's work has led him to a place of prominence on the world stage as a voice of reason amidst the current madness. With David's depth & versatility the discussion will range from his prognosis of world events to our true Spiritual Nature within a Universe governed by resonance.

As  contemporaries, Dr. Lando witnessed a common time-line in the decades-long role-out of present geopolitics, and participated in international events featuring David as a keynote speaker in earlier efforts to forewarn an unsuspecting public. 

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