#55 - Crypto 3.0 For Dummies w/ John McAfee & The QORTAL Project

July 24, 2020

Are cryptocurrencies the wave of the future for economic freedom or a trap for global centralization of wealth? We break it down with special guests John McAfee & Jason Crowe from the QORTAL blockchain project! As we move into the new post-COVID reality, the war on cash has become increasingly apparent as businesses and governments make the move to ban it for daily commerce. The new digital money of the future can go in many directions and we know cryptocurrencies will play a major role in that. Is this a good or bad thing? With companies like Google and Facebook vying for blockchain dominance while Bitcoin and others stand for sovereignty, what really is the truth? We will navigate this topic with special guests Jason Crowe from the QORTAL blockchain project and internationally known crypto rebel rouser John McAfee.

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