#75 - Universal Law vs The Corporate Superstructure w/ Cal Washington

December 19, 2020

Cal Washington, CEO of InPower, shares his journey through the daunting legal-commercial "maya" that seemingly dictates every facet of contemporary life through government fiat.

Cal is one of the courageous few that have dared to question and challenge in an effort to dissipate the collective "spell" presently engulfing mankind.

The InPower community has a common bond: the need to have authority over one's health and home. Regardless of where you live in the world today, people have fewer choices when it comes to certain technology and services, and often have no choices when it comes to medical interventions with no recourse for bodily harm.

Cal will guide us through "the path of honor" as a spiritual journey that transcends all legal-commercial process. This interview couldn't be more timely, and Cal's message could best be summarized in a simple truth, we do indeed have choice in all matters of our life, while our Creator is the only true "authority".

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