#88 - Are You A Biocomputer? w/ Dr. Barre Lando & Mike Winner

April 2, 2021

Is there more to this "Computer Age" than we presently appreciate?  Join us for this fascinating journey through the reality behind the technology of the human biocomputer.

When did the present "computer age" really begin?  Is there a deeper purpose behind computers that escapes most of us?  Are we taking best advantage of this technology, or has it become a detriment?  In this episode of Alfacast Dr. Lando and Mike Winner will explore this topic from a whole different perspective that you definitely won't find in PC Magazine. 

Dr. Barre understandably approaches this from his expertise in electro-biological systems, while Mike is more technologically adept on the technology side of things coupled with a knack for seeing things from a panoramic lens. This chat will open new vistas for most, and offer a more enlightened contrast between (Wo)Man vs machine.  Our journey traverses ancient cultures through the European Renaissance to this present time of the Great Gathering.

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